Building Community Resilience through Nature Connection:

Developing the Tools that Connect Us to Nature, Ourselves, and Each Other

Join us as we bring Jon Young and 8 Shields nature-connection mentoring to Portland with a series of quarterly workshops, with concurrent programs for adults and children.

  • Explore the natural world through the language of birds, the tracks of animals, the skills of our ancestors, and permaculture principles for ecological land stewardship.
  • Experience deep nature connection, opening yourself to the natural world and your own passions.
  • Experience a mentoring village, a supportive learning environment where people not only feel safe but flourish.
  • Learn a method of teaching that is based on techniques practiced by indigenous cultures worldwide and that brings out our strengths as humans.
  • Create a stronger, more earth-centered community in Portland.
  • Thrive in a multi-generational culture that honors our elders and welcomes our children.

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Keynote speaker: Jon Young, coauthor of Coyote’s Guide

jon-young-white-shirtMy life’s work is connecting people deeply to nature. Through over 25 years of mentoring, I’ve seen that deep nature connection changes us. It rewires us and enables us to make much more of our human potential.

“I collaborate with organizations and individuals around the world who are seeking to foster deeper community and nature connections through the power of cultural and coyote mentoring principles. My keynote talks and trainings are based on a lifetime of personal experience combined with the input and guidance of cultural specialists from around the world.”—Jon Young

About 8 Shields:
The 8 Shields model was developed from a synthesis of teaching practices used by indigenous cultures worldwide. The method has been described as the “invisible school,” meaning that learning happens primarily “sideways,” in an engaging, experiential manner that is so well integrated and natural to us that we are often unaware that learning has even taken place. This learning style draws from our inherent curiosity and cultivates inspiration and connection—a very different approach from conventional lecture-based models. Because the 8 Shields model is experiential, it can be described in books and lectures but can only really be learned through immersion.

Who our programs are for: 
We welcome people of all levels of experience, whether you are new to naturalist skills and mentoring or are an experienced instructor. Workshops are suitable for teachers, parents, nature enthusiasts, and anyone eager to build a more nature-centered, resilient local community. If you are already involved in nature mentoring, consider joining as a Community Member.

Please send questions about accessibility or special accommodations to We aim to make this workshop accessible to all!

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