Continuing Education Credit (CEED)

8 Shields PDX is now a cooperating agency with Portland State University’s Graduate School of Education Continuing Education (CEED) Program, and “Peacemaking and Connection” can be taken for 1 continuing education (CEED) credit. Please register for the workshop here, then email us at or phone us at 503-415-9773 and ask for the CEED registration form.
Course title: Peacemaking and Connection
Credits: 1
Course department and number: Curriculum and Development (CI) 810
Status: Undergraduate and graduate credit
PSU administrative fee: $60 per credit, make payment to PSU
Cooperative agency instructional fee: $190-350, make payment to 8 Shields PDX
For registration and information: or 503-415-9773
Workshop runs from June 10, 6 pm to June 12, 4pm at Cedar Ridge Retreat and Conference Center, Vernonia, OR. Instructor: Wyers.
P/NP fall term
Offered cooperatively by 8 Shields PDX and Portland State University’s Continuing Education / Graduate School of Education. Enrollment is limited to 8 credits per term unless officially admitted to PSU (except summer term when enrollment is limited to 16 graduate or 21 undergraduate credits).