Register for Jan. 8–10, 2016: Music, Nature, and Storytelling

Base price includes workshop, lodging in a lower bunkhouse (bring your own bedding), and all meals. Upgrades and discounts are available.

How to register:

1. Click on the table below. Select “add to bag” for adult, youth, etc., as needed.

2. Select your desired lodging. The base price includes a bed in a lower bunkhouse. If you select camping, you’ll receive a $7 discount; if you select a bed in the upper grounds, you’ll pay an extra $31. (See below for lodging descriptions.) Nearby residents may opt out of lodging for a $39 discount.

3. Select your meal preferences. There is a potluck dinner on Friday evening upon arriving. Breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and dinner on Saturday, are included in the base price. If you choose to provide your own food, you’ll receive a $47 discount; please note, however, that there are no cooking facilities available. If you choose to join us for Saturday night dinner only, you’ll receive a $34 discount.

4. Select any dietary restrictions. Options include no restrictions, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.

5. Check out. When finished, click on the shopping bag in the bottom right corner to check out.

Please note: These workshops are priced at cost. All the organizers are volunteers and often spend their own money pulling these events together. Please consider adding a donation to help cover the costs of organizing and administering 8 Shields PDX.


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The lower bunkhouses: Simple, dormitory-style lodging just down the hill from the main house and lodge. The lower bunkhouses include four shared, heated cabins. Each cabin is partitioned into three rooms, each room sleeping a maximum of sixteen individuals, in standard-sized (37-inch-wide) bunk beds. You will need to bring your own bedding. The shower house is a short walk from the bunkhouses.

The upper grounds: Remodeled for retreat use, the upper grounds include twin-size bunk beds, four to eight beds per room (with linens included), and private showers and bathrooms down the hall.