Community Members

One of our goals at 8 Shields PDX is to create and support a community of people using the 8 Shields mentoring model in their work. If you are already involved in nature mentoring, consider joining as a Community Member.

Our workshops are designed to engage multiple levels of learning. They teach naturalist skills but they also teach a unique educational method. If you are already engaged in some aspect of mentoring, the workshops will teach and hone skills that will enhance your work. If this describes you, we would like to support you in using these skills in your everyday life. In between workshops, we will be hosting informal potluck-style discussions for workshop participants, where you and others will be able to network, share your experiences, and learn from each other.

To make it easier for Community Members to come, we are offering the workshops for you at a discounted rate. In exchange, we ask that you help us with promoting these events and that you sincerely attempt to incorporate the model into the work that you do. Becoming a Community Member is open to anyone in the greater Portland area who is already involved in nature mentoring and who is interested in using the 8 Shields model. Contact us for more details and to sign up.

The 8 Shields mentoring model is about internalizing a different way of learning, one that develops our most positive qualities as humans. Using this model, we can help children learn on a much deeper level, drawing out their gifts—supported by this process, they not only learn but thrive. This model supports connection: connection to ourselves, to our community, and to the earth. It is experiential. Although it can be described in books and lectures, it can only really be learned through experience. We at 8 Shields PDX are excited to be able to bring an Art of Mentoring immersion experience to Portland so that we can create a stronger, more earth-centered, resilient culture, one person at a time.

Thank you for being part of this important work.